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survive Solstice

Web3 Survival Game

Will you find the key to survive the solstice on this solana island

Decode the Solstice Island

Explore the various challenges through each season and unveil the island’s secrets while striving to survive. Your gear, resources, skills, and more are securely stored on the blockchain, ready for trading with other players at any time.

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Game Overview


Survival, Adventure, Online

Release Date






You wake up on an island with only a few supplies and spot some peculiar doors. You quickly realize that surviving in this hostile environment is crucial. Certain clues can be uncovered, leading you to missions that will unveil some answers.

Game Features

Based on Solana blockchain, we can provide lot of features needed by players


New missions every seasons, rewards are NFTs containing secrets, and can be burn to win useful ressources.


The player will have access to a marketplace on the blockchain. We aim to implement a wide range of elements, such as weapons, certain resources and items.


Stack  some equipements when not playing to be rewarded by ressources, and mission items.


Open-World using UE5 where you will build your home.


Teamwork will be your best option.


Some animals can join you on your quest, and you can develop them to improve their abilities.

Survive Solstice – the Whole Story

Your survival will largely depend on the resources provided by this mysterious island. Why are you here? How can you escape? What is this hellish place and these missions all about?

Join the Crew, survivor